meet the chef

to say jillian dorrestein learned to handle a rolling pin before she could tie her shoes would not be an exaggeration. jillian´s culinary education began at an early age, observing her grandmother at work in her home kitchen. the tender care her grandmother took with every task, from hulling berries to rolling out pie dough, taught jillian a valuable lesson early on – when something is done with love, a better product results. she was hooked!

while studying in paris in 2002, jillian discovered the true meaning of joie de vivre, falling in love with the french culture, lifestyle and food. she could not get enough of the artisinal breads and pastries – she had to get her hands on each and every one... and several years later, she had to have a hand in making them.

in december of 2010, jillian graduated from The French Pastry School´s prestigious L´Art de la Pâtisserie program. she set to work on très jolie pâtisserie immediately so that she could share the culture and food that she holds so dear with others.