Important farmer’s market announcement

Hello lovelies.

We can’t believe August is more than halfway over! Summer went by in the blink of an eye. As many of you know, we’ve been spending our summer Saturday’s at the Nettlehorst School Farmer’s Market in East Lakeview. And like you loyal market attendees, we look forward to that day every week.

Mark your calendars. August 31st, we will make our final market appearance this season. It’s not you. It’s us. This fall, we have a wedding of our own, and weddings to cater, which means we had to cut back earlier than planned.

If you really need your très jolie pâtisserie fix, you can still get it – you just have to place an order through our website. Give us a shout at least two weeks before you need your goodies, and we should be able to accommodate.

Speaking of fall, we are getting excited about planning new items for the menu with the seasonal gems that await us. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s still plenty of summer’s bounty to enjoy. Here’s what’s on the menu for the next two market appearances:

Saturday, August 24th:

Scones: Blueberry & Lavender; Cowboy (Chocolate, Bacon and Pretzel)

Macarons: 3-packs containing 1 each of Champagne, Papaya and Matcha Green Tea


Macaron 3-packs, coming to a farmer’s market near you!

NEW Currant Buns: a Dutch favorite!

NEW Blueberry Bundt Cake

THIS WEEK ONLY, Mini cupcakes: Red Velvet with Raspberry Buttercream; Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

NEW Chocolate Truffles: Guinness & Pretzel; Espresso; Mayan Spice

THIS WEEK ONLY, Chocolate Peanut Clusters


Saturday, August 31st:

Scones: Pear & Blue Cheese; Jalapeno & Cheddar; Strawberry & Dark Chocolate; Cowboy (Chocolate, Bacon and Pretzel)

Currant Buns: a Dutch favorite!

Blueberry Bundt Cake

Zucchini Bread

Rhubarb & Mixed Berry Handpies

Apricot & Almond Galettes




Visit our booth at DOSE Market, this Sunday, April 14th

What does Spring taste like? Find out this weekend at DOSE Market. We’re unveiling a variety of gorgeous and tasty treats that bring the promise of Spring to life. Whether you’re hungry for breakfast or an afternoon snack, we have just the delicacy to satisfy your craving.

Just like the first crocuses to poke through the ground, our delicate Pastel Meringues in assorted flavors yield a surprising burst of color.

Lemon Madeleines hold all the fresh, bright citrus notes that beckon sunshiny days to come.

Bite into a flaky Pain au Chocolat, close your eyes and be transported to the banks of the Seine.

Our Crumb Cake is the good kind of crumby – and you won’t mind wearing those crumbs with pride.

One bite of our scones and you’ll be back for more. We blend sweet and savory notes in each of our signature flavors. Like Bacon and Date. Or Pear and Blue Cheese. And we even have a scone for our Gluten-Free Vegan friends!

What could be more festive than a springtime lineup of cupcakes? Try the light-as-air Lemon Cloud Cupcake with Violet Buttercream. Or celebrate the start of baseball season with our 7th Inning Stretch Cupcake – that’s a Brown Butter Vanilla Cupcake with Salted Caramel Buttercream and Cracker Jack Crunch. Get a taste of the islands with our luscious Gluten-Free Pina Colada Cupcake with Coconut Cream Cheese Icing.

Indeed, Spring Fever is taking hold!


Oh l’amour!

If I’ve inspired you to burst into song, bravo! Happy to be in the company of fellow Erasure fans :)

Love is in the air my friends – can you feel it? And not just because it’s that day. The Groundhog called for an early Spring! Baseball season starts soon, with the hope that the Cubs just might end the curse! And très jolie pâtisserie is working on some lovely Spring flavors! (To be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!)

Spread the good word – you’ll be seeing a lot of more of us around town in the coming months. In March, we are popping up at the new Bowtruss location at the Merchandise Mart, as well as revisiting their lovely shop in Lakeview. So you can get your French pastry fix at either stomping ground. Our menu will rotate in keeping with our clever whims – it promises to delight the taste buds. Keep your eyes tuned to our facebook page for more details about these events.

And there is more in the works for the Summer months ahead. For now, we’ll leave you in suspense. :)

What do you want to eat at our pop-ups? Have a hankering for something in particular? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to deliver.

Happy <3 day friends. Today, and all throughout the year!


A night at the Lyric Opera with Très Jolie Pâtisserie

Hello my loyal readers.

I apologize for the delay in posts. There has been a flurry of excitement in the kitchens of très jolie pâtisserie as we prepare for the Lyric Opera House of Chicago’s 29th annual black-tie fundraiser. The theme this year is “Midnight in Paris” – très chic, and oh so très jolie!

I have been invited to have a sweets table at the event. Very exciting! And what, pray tell, will I be featuring? I am glad you asked! Guests in attendance can look forward to sampling an array of my signature petit fours, including vanilla bean eclairs, white truffle and milk chocolate macarons and – the coup d’état – opera cake, bien sûr.

The night promises delicious food and high class entertainment, with a 1920′s-style cabaret! I even hear there will be an Eiffel Tower erected for the evening. I cannot wait to take in the sights and sounds – I promise to post pictures later.



Popping up in a Lakeview coffee shop…

très jolie pâtisserie is delighted to announce that this Sunday, November 11th, we are selling macarons at the newest edition to Lakeview’s finest coffee purveyors, Bow Truss. Stop by, say hi and get your sweet fix with a macaron – or three!

We will have Fall favorites, Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Apple, as well as Limited Edition Crimson Cranberry available for purchase from 9:30 a.m. until 2 p.m. Yum!

Bow Truss is located at 2934 N. Broadway in Chicago, IL. We hope to see you there!

Paris, here I come!

Tonight I leave for a 3-week jaunt to Europe, and I am beyond ecstatic!! I will be traveling around Ireland the first week, then head to the mainland for a week in Barcelona, 2 days in Normandy, and 5 days in Paris, ooh-là-là.

This is a homecoming for me, and one that feels long overdue. My senior year of college, I put my French degree to great use, spending a semester in Paris. It was the best decision I made in my college career, and I tell everyone I know to study abroad if they can. Before responsibilities set in, and you are free to roam.

10 years have passed, and I am finally heading “home”. You, my lovely readers, can look forward to lengthy posts when I return, describing the sites, bites and more in the magnifique City of Lights. Plus, my favorite finds in Ireland, Barcelona and Normandy will be revealed in full.

Until then, à bientôt!


A case for Freeganism?

On a recent Saturday night, I found myself cozying up on the sofa with my boyfriend to a 53-minute documentary about dumpster diving. Romantic, no? :)

Once I got over the opening shots of the film maker perched on the filthy ledge of a grocery store dumpster, his skimpy speedo and swim goggles his sole protection against the trash that engulfed him upon diving in, I was pleasantly surprised to find the film extremely educational and alarming. I became less appalled by his willingness to rifle through food waste while scantily clad, and instead focused my bewilderment at the shocking behavior of these large corporations that are so quick to throw good food away instead of donating it. Here’s a breakdown of what I learned:

  • After paper products, food is America’s #1 source of waste, taking up about 20% of our landfills.
  • Every year, we throw away 96 billion pounds of food – that equates to 263 million lbs/day; 11 million lbs/hour; 3,000 lbs/second.
  • The cost of so much waste? An astounding $136 billion.
  • Each American throws away about 400 lbs of food a year, largely due to over buying.
  • 40% of the world’s annual grain yield is fed to animals to produce meat.
  • According to Michael Pollan, after cars, the food system uses more fossil fuel than any other sector of the economy – 19%

The film maker and his friends took to regularly rescuing food from L.A. grocery store dumpsters, turning corporate-deemed trash into gourmet meals. Dozens of packages organic chicken; quart after quart of strawberries; imported cheeses; pints of organic tomatoes; loaf after loaf of bread; dozens of eggs – enough food for his family and friends to eat for months.

What caused these groceries to meet their fate in the dumpster? One bad tomato in a package of four; chicken that’s reached it’s sell-by date; one cracked egg in a case of otherwise happy eggs; day old bread…and this was purely the film maker’s hypothesis because his attempts to get an interview – even off camera – with the grocery stores proved futile. No one would talk to him. No one wanted to address this heinous issue of excessive waste.

With so many people starving and going without, it’s criminal that perfectly good food is so easily cast to the landfills. Hunger is not just a third-world concern. It’s all around us. According the the film, at least 35 million Americans confront the uncertainty of where their next meal will come from. This, from the nation the boasts the greatest food surplus of any nation? Appalling.

Am I advocating for dumpster diving instead of traditional methods of procuring food (i.e. grocery shopping) to feed your family? No. But I do think our country needs to take a good hard look at our individual waste. Stop buying more than you need. And grocery stores need to step up their efforts to donate every possible usable food item they can to local food banks. 1 cracked egg means the entire dozen cannot be sold? Fine. Donate the remaining 11 eggs to a good cause. Every little bit helps.

Intrigued? Check out the film. It streams instantly on Netflix, and is well worth 53 minutes of your time.