Oh l’amour!

If I’ve inspired you to burst into song, bravo! Happy to be in the company of fellow Erasure fans :)

Love is in the air my friends – can you feel it? And not just because it’s that day. The Groundhog called for an early Spring! Baseball season starts soon, with the hope that the Cubs just might end the curse! And très jolie pâtisserie is working on some lovely Spring flavors! (To be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!)

Spread the good word – you’ll be seeing a lot of more of us around town in the coming months. In March, we are popping up at the new Bowtruss location at the Merchandise Mart, as well as revisiting their lovely shop in Lakeview. So you can get your French pastry fix at either stomping ground. Our menu will rotate in keeping with our clever whims – it promises to delight the taste buds. Keep your eyes tuned to our facebook page for more details about these events.

And there is more in the works for the Summer months ahead. For now, we’ll leave you in suspense. :)

What do you want to eat at our pop-ups? Have a hankering for something in particular? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do to deliver.

Happy <3 day friends. Today, and all throughout the year!


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