Paris, here I come!

Tonight I leave for a 3-week jaunt to Europe, and I am beyond ecstatic!! I will be traveling around Ireland the first week, then head to the mainland for a week in Barcelona, 2 days in Normandy, and 5 days in Paris, ooh-là-là.

This is a homecoming for me, and one that feels long overdue. My senior year of college, I put my French degree to great use, spending a semester in Paris. It was the best decision I made in my college career, and I tell everyone I know to study abroad if they can. Before responsibilities set in, and you are free to roam.

10 years have passed, and I am finally heading “home”. You, my lovely readers, can look forward to lengthy posts when I return, describing the sites, bites and more in the magnifique City of Lights. Plus, my favorite finds in Ireland, Barcelona and Normandy will be revealed in full.

Until then, à bientôt!


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