try our new spring flavors!

today in chicago, the temperature is supposed to reach a balmy 63 degrees. it seems like only yesterday i was watching squirrels greedily devour jack-o-lanterns in an attempt to fatten up for winter. before i know it, the robins will be chirping and flowers will be in full bloom. seems like the perfect day to unveil très jolie pâtisserie’s spring flavor line up!


the madeleine is a traditional french petit four baked in a special scalloped pan. it’s spongy texture leaves one wondering, is it a cake or a cookie…or some fantastic hybrid of the two? not overly sweet, yet superbly satisfying, madeleines can be enjoyed any time of day or night. this spring, très jolie pâtisserie is offering this pillowy pleaser in four delightful flavors:

  • lemon (why mess with a good thing?)
  • orange & cardamom
  • grapefruit & bergamot
  • chocolate & tarragon

    madeleines on parade


macarons have become all the rage. as a lover of all fine french pastries, i am tickled to see these little gems popping up in bakeries and grocery stores around the nation.

and really, what’s not to love? with their delicate crispy shell that gives way to an ooey gooey center, these colorful treats are not only wickedly delicious, they offer a fun eating experience. this spring, you’ll find the following macaron flavors in très jolie pâtisserie’s pastry case:

  • lavender & white chocolate ganache
  • pistachio
  • lemon curd
  • orange creamsicle
  • vanilla bean


welcome spring with sweet flavor. to place an order, visit today!